The challenge is to provide students with up to date, relevant case studies that reflect the changing nature of geography in the 21st Century.

With memorable examples drawn from around the world, including Iceland, Haiti, the Alps, Montserrat, Bangladesh, Nepal, Africa and the UK our DVDs cover the key themes of rivers, coasts, tectonics, glaciation and climate change.

Filmed within the last 12 months, the animations, graphics, film and expert interviews provide fantastic explanations and illustrations of the processes and landforms that shape our world. Particular attention is given to the opportunities, challenges and sustainable management of these unique landscapes.

And because our films are researched, filmed and produced by geographers you can be confident they deliver the key geographical concepts - perfect for specialist and non-specialist teachers alike.

And the photo annotation exercises, exam style questions, DMEs and many other activities that accompany the video material, mean you’ll also be saving precious preparation time.

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