What makes Chamonix such a great case study, why the Met Office says drought in Africa is linked to climate change, and the final title in our physical processes series...


The Alps: Opportunities and Challenges 

The honeypot site of Chamonix in the Alps is a fantastic synoptic case study that provides case study material relevant to so many units, including: Tourism, Energy, the Avalanche hazard and Fragile Environments. We have just got back from Chamonix where filming while negotiating the ski slopes proved no mean feat, but at least we got to see first hand the social, economic and environmental challenges faced by the region when huge numbers of tourists flood into the area at this time of year. Our video resource explores the variety of activities in the area, including tourism, HEP and farming. It examines their impact, the conflicts that arise between them and how they can be sustainably managed within the context of a fragile environment and climate change. Examples of eco-tourism are provided and the risk from avalanches assessed.


Glaciation: Processes and Landforms 

It’s not always easy for students to really understand the processes that have shaped the UK’s glaciated landscapes. But by using footage of Icelandic and Alpine glaciers, this DVD provides really clear explanations for and illustrations of the impacts of ice on the land both here in the UK and in cold environments abroad.


Climate Change

Use this resource to encourage students to judge whether or not climate change will impact upon people differently around the world. The impacts of climate change can be quite hard to see in the UK, but as our fantastic footage from the Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Africa, the Alps, Bangladesh, India and China shows, it’s all too much of a reality for the poorest and most vulnerable. The DVD also provides clear explanations of the processes that can cause climate change and gets students engaged in the debate about the extent to which these are caused naturally or are the result of human activity. 


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