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If your movement isn't saying anything, don't put it in!

by Dan Buzzo on July 03, 2014

Are you finding that your drama students are just using physicality in their performances because they are told to and not because it adds a new dynamic or meaning to the performance?

Hattie Langdon from Colstons Girls School in Bristol,  thought our DVD: Creating Physical Theatre was extremely useful for teaching the skills she needed for her GCSE course:

''Personally, I think that this DVD is incredibly helpful when teaching ways you can use your body to create a whole new effect.''

''I would strongly recommend it to any other student who wants to be able to improve their physicality in their performances.''

Many students are often told they must use physical features to achieve the highest marks. However this can lead to a performance full of unconnected physical features without any meaning.

Our Creating Physical Theatre DVD teaches students how to create physical features with a purpose . In our DVD, Liam Steal teaches his students the importance of understanding the meaning of their physicality; 'The movement has to be saying something all of the time, and if not, don't put it in.'

Hattie Langdon told us; 'My favourite section is the description of 'taking the body to pieces' and then reforming it to create an alternative movement which I found entrancing to watch.''

She went on to say; ''I think that this DVD would be especially useful for high achieving GCSE students who are thinking about carrying on drama in the future and want a new way in which to push themselves and improve their overall performance.''

Our Creating Physical Theatre DVD includes the opinions and strategies of many professionals in the dramatic industry with a range of techniques and footage of these physical theatre pieces included.

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