Pumpkin has scooped two awards this year for their geography DVD resources.

"Flooding in Bangladesh” has received a Highly Commended in the Geographical Association Publishers' Awards 2011

Citation, Geographical Association Publishers' Awards 2011, Highly commended

This is the second of two programmes produced by Pumpkin Interactive about Bangladesh and is suitable for post 16 and GCSE courses.

The judges felt this DVD would bring this frequently-used case study up to date. It emphasises contemporary thinking about hazard events, and personal accounts help explain the physical and human causes of flooding, including local and regional factors as well as climate change. The video includes a range of creative flood management strategies and NGO projects.

The judges felt the DVD, which contains high-quality footage interspersed with maps and graphics, was easy to use and enhanced by comprehensive teacher guidance notes (available in both pdf and word formats). The range of activities for students to complete before, during and after watching the video allow them to discuss the issues and look to the future of Bangladesh. The video script is also included on the DVD

Our second award is for Pumpkin's  “Interactive Aiming For Gold” resource pack which was a finalist in the Bett Awards 2011, Tools for Teaching and Learning category.

Bett Awards 2011, Judges Comments

The judges liked the way it uses a topical focal point – the Olympics – as a central cross- curricular theme. A large number of subjects are integrated, including business. It was appropriate to a variety of ability levels.

They liked the way that role-play was possible in a real event/in real time: to be involved as organiser, promoter, journalist, etc.

It was full of really useful material, especially video. As it could be used across the key stages, it was seen as good value.

They liked the way it promoted collaboration.

For any further information about either of these products please call 01179 240250 or visit our website: www.pumpkin-interactive.co.uk.