Geography Newsletter

Autumn 2015

Get your students excited about geography with our extraordinary footage that shows the devastating effect of the 2013/2014 winter storms on the UK coast.

Ideal for all current and new GCSE and GCE units on coastal processes, flooding and management, as well as extreme weather hazards, our two video case studies focus on the collapse of the Dawlish Railway and the effects of the east coast tidal surge on the Norfolk coastline.


The DVD, Extreme Weather UK: Coastal Flooding, contains footage shot during the storms, as well as interviews with local residents and those responsible for managing these stretches of coast. The resource examines the extreme weather conditions that led to these events, the impacts on people and the environment, and asks how we can build future resilience to coastal flooding and extreme weather hazards in the UK.


Click here to see how this title matches the new draft specifications. To download a free video clip on coastal flooding click here.

Pumpkin also has a number of other titles to support the teaching and learning of Coasts.  Click on the links below to read reviews of these titles and watch preview clips.


Coastal Processes and landforms

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Managing the Dorset Coast: Conflicts, Challenges and Opportunities

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Holderness: Sustainable Coastal Management

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