Drama Newsletter

Autumn 2015

Wanting to challenge your students to create top band performance pieces?

Why not show examples of other high scoring student work, so they can see what that they can aspire to?  Whether you are looking to devise a piece of Artaud or Grotowski inspired theatre, or incorporate physicality or comedy into work, all of our DVDs contain invaluable footage of top band student performances, created in response to the practitioners featured on the DVDs.


This footage is accompanied by ready-to-use teaching materials that will help bridge the gap between theory books and practice, along with advice on how to enable students to experiment and play with the ideas introduced in the DVDs and so incorporate them into their own pieces. 

Artaud: Practical Approaches to a Theatre of Cruelty

Use our resource as a catalyst and liberating force, inspiring your students to create their own high-scoring Artaud inspired pieces.  This double DVD contains a 25 minute biography and extensive library of over 100 Artaud Inspired performance extracts.  More info ..... 


"Both the AS and A2 students have found it interesting and enlightening to watch the two examples of top band student work included on the Artaud DVD.  As a tutor it has proved constructive to be able to produce a visual representation of the standard of work to which students should be aspiring to.  This has challenged the students to create more interesting work, as they can see clearly how practitioner theory can be applied effectively to student work."


Andrew Brook, Head of Drama, Sutton Valence School, Kent


Grotowski: A Practical Guide

In addition to a 25 minute documentary on Grotowski, footage from Grotowski's original performances and input from UK based professors, this double DVD set also contains three filmed student workshops led by practitioners from the Grotowski Institute, as well as an A level student piece that was awarded 100% by examiners.  More info .....


"Its tremendously useful to see students in action with this work and I can see how one might use it for one's own inspiration at home, to take in and recreate in class, or to show as a teaching aid in sections before trying the exercises out with students." 


Sarah Lambie, Editor, Teaching Drama, actress, tutor and drama workshop leader


"A really useful resource that will deepen understanding of how to teach Grotowski in schools, in practice and theory."


Paul Allain Professor of Theatre and Performance, University of Kent