Looking for free video case studies?

An exiting video case study can undoubtedly help to underpin and support the delivery of the core conceptual and thematic knowledge required at GCSE and GCE level.  However, trawling through Youtube to find the perfect clip can be time consuming, and not every department can afford to buy bespoke educational video content. 


With this in mind, specialist geography video content provider, Pumpkin, has made over 30 free video clips available for use in the classroom. All material is made in consultation with Bob Digby, author, examiner and former president of the GA.  There are video case studies relevant to units across all specifications, including clips on: urbanisation in India, the effects of globalisation in Bangladesh, energy security and renewable energy options, physical processes and landscape, the cost/benefit analysis of managed retreat versus adaptation at Studland, as well as material looking at hazards, risk and vulnerability in Haiti, Montserrat and Iceland.

All material can be accessed for free via the Pumpkin youtube channel: ChannelPumpkin: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChannelPumpkin