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Edexcel endorse Pumpkin's geography DVDs

by Kate Conway on January 09, 2012

Edexcel has endorsed two further Pumpkin Geography DVDs.

With the 2012 Olympics just around the corner, its fantastic news that Edexcel has endorsed Pumpkin's educational resource: Aiming For Gold: the London 2012 Olympics for the Edexcel GCSE Geography specifications A and B, as well as for Edexcel GCE Geography. 

The DVD is a resource bank of video clips, interactive maps, student activities and teachers' notes. It explores to what extent the event will help regenerate London's East End.  Students are given a mission and as journalists discover why cities bid to host mega sporting events and why London won.  They investigate the challenges of staging the games, design a layout and compare it to the real Olympic Park designs.  They then evaluate how the games will benefit the area socially, environmentally and economically. 

The second Pumpkin DVD to receive endorsement is Bio-Diversity Under Threat: the Sundarbans and the Bengal Tiger. This title has been endorsed for Edexcel GCSE Geography specification B, with particular relevance to the topics: Biodiversity under Threat and Oceans on the Edge. It has also been endorsed for Edexcel GCE geography.  This DVD also deals with development issues as well and so is useful in a more broader sense than for just bio-diversity.   

The DVD is a resource bank of video clips, interactive maps, student activities and teachers' notes.  It looks at why Bangladesh's Sundarban mangroves are so important; as a bio-diversity hotspot, as a carbon bank and as protection against the impacts of tropical cyclones.  It examines the threats, including climate change, shrimp farming, poaching and tiger killings.  It then explores how they can be sustainably managed and by whom.  Case studies include; a tiger conservation project, eco-tourism and government initiatives to control resource exploitation.

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