OCR has endorsed another educational DVD produced by Pumpkin-Interactive.   Bio-Diversity Under Threat: the Sundarbans and the Bengal Tiger has been endorsed for use with the OCR GCE Geography specification. This interactive DVD looks at the threats facing Bangladesh's Mangroves.  It asks why are they so important and the challenges facing them, including climate change, shrimp farming, poaching and tiger killings.  It then explores sustainable management options, including a tiger conservation project, eco-tourism and government initiatives to control resource exploitation. 

This follows the endorsement of two other Pumpkin resources. “Issues in Globalisation: How Fair is Fashion” has been endorsed for use with the OCR GCE Geography specification and their GCSE Geography A specification. “Issues in Globalisation: Environmental Impacts and Sustainability” has also been endorsed for use with OCR GCE Geography specification.

Many of Pumpkin's other, currently unendorsed titles are also mentioned in the OCR sample schemes of work and lesson plans/Teachers Handbook for OCR GCSE Geography A and B 2009 specifications and these could also help support your teaching.

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