Inspire your students with our resource: Smart Graphic Products.  It includes examples of labels and packaging that use thermochromic inks, emergency and safety signage that incorporate phosphorescent and fluorescent paints, and inks and photochromic dyes that are used for anti-counterfeiting measures, sun tan cream packaging and reactive glasses.

Or illustrate the applications of QTC, thermochromatic plastics and shape memory alloys with our resource on Smart Resistant Materials

And if its smart textiles you are after, Interactive, Smart and Modern Textiles contains film clips that provide explanations, examples and applications of wearable electronics, piezo-electric textiles, textiles that generate power and materials like Kevlar, Nomex and D30.

Its not always practical or affordable to provide your students with as much experience of smart materials as you would like.  So why not use Pumpkin's DVDs which include carefully selected film clips shot in industrial settings that focus on how industry is using smart materials.   You will guarantee that your students get fantastic, up-to-date, relevant case studies for their written examinations, as well as ideas on how smart materials can be incorporated into their own designs. 

We have just bought out a range of new materials which focus on smart materials and each of our DVD resource packs include at least 30 minutes of video material, as well as student activities aimed at a range of abilities and a wealth of background information written by our specialist consultants.

All our titles are currently available with a 20% discount.

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