For a guide through the sometimes diverse ideas, designs and innovations that developed during the postmodern era, try this latest educational resource from Pumpkin Interactive.

Explore the design style and manufacturing process of Alessi products with fascinating footage filmed at the Alessi museum archive and  factory near Milan.  The DVD also includes interviews with Alberto Alessi himself and with some of Alessi's leading designers.  

Founder member of the Memphis Group, George Sowden, shows us around his Milan design house and postmodern designer and architect Mendini talks about his work that spans the entire postmodern era.

The DVD also includes a tour of the V&S's postmodern exhibition with its curator, Glenn Adamson.

A fantastic resource to contextualise the postmodern era and to provide a framework from which students can start researching their own design and make tasks.

This DVD is one of a pair of resources produced by Pumpkin that looks at different design eras.  Our second title: How Pop Art changed the world, explores the ideas, materials, colours and technologies adopted by Pop Art.  It then examines how Pop Art created new images, shapes and forms that continue to influence artists and designers today.  

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