Time and time again it is the students who can show specific and detailed case study knowledge in their exams that get the top marks.  But its not easy for students to remember the large number of examples required by the new geography specifications. 

So why not use a case study delivered by video?  Its so much more memorable than one delivered without.

Watching Flooding in the UK and seeing the images of Tewkesbury under water in 2007 and again in 2012, or listening to the first hand accounts of residents and businesses affected by the floods, will provide a more powerful learning experience than anything that can be read in a text book. 

And because our title on River Processes and Landforms is researched, filmed and produced by geographers, not only will it help exemplify your syllabus, it will also deliver the required geographical knowledge of fluvial systems and processes in an engaging and informative way - perfect for specialist and non-specialists teachers alike. 

And if you need to reinforce key geographical terms and definitions - use the accompanying student activity sheets that are written by examiner and author, Bob Digby.

All our geography resources are currently available with a 10% discount.

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