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Edexcel endorse Pumpkin geography DVDs

by Kate Conway on September 23, 2013

Where can you you find resources that: support students as they prepare for controlled assessments and coursework on rivers, provide examples of how GIS and GPS are used in the real worlds and deliver video case studies designed to aid DME preparation?

River Processes and Landforms” provides excellent references to a wide range of river landforms and processes. The sections on changing profiles and channels, rejuvenation, transportation, erosion and deposition are particularly useful for all GCSE geography students. Not only does the content help students understand what is required for exam questions, it also provides a particularly helpful reference during controlled assessment or course work due to clear references to key terms like hydraulic radius, wetted perimetre and efficiency.

Endorsed by Edexcel for Edexcel GCSE Geography A and B

Flooding in the UK: Tewkesbury“ makes use of video, photography, animation, interview and explanation to explain key fluvial terms and concepts. Of particular interest are references to hydrological cycle flows, storm hydrographs, infiltration and lag time. The sections on physical and human causes contain useful locational and settlement background as well as providing good “personal perspective” from local residents. Material on the variery of hard and soft engineering responses will prove useful for both GCSE and GCE unit 2.

Endorsed by Edexcel for Edexcel GCSE Geography A and B

“Coastal Processes and Landforms”  is filmed on the Jurassic and Holderness coast and covers key aspects including erosion, marine and sub-aerial processes, and the influence of geology. It also providies named and located examples of a range of key erosional and depositional landforms. Good reference is made to key terms throughout, and the section on littoral cells is ideal for A level. Of particular interest are the excellent links made to the role of GIS and GPS and their applicaton in the real world. And if you are looking for material from which to create a DME, our case study on Slapton Ley delivers it all.

Endorsed by Edexcel for Edexcel GCSE Geography A and B and Edexcel GCE Geography

“Managing the Dorset Coast”  covers a range of issues in depth for one location, providing a fantastic GCSE case study, not just for coasts, but also for “Tourism” and even units on rural issues. The material is also relevant for the Edexcel GCE unit 2,“Crowded Coasts”. The DVD explores the economic and environmental opportunities offered by Studland before exploring how the conflicts between the different user groups and stakeholders can be sustainably managed.

Endorsed by Edexcel for Edexcel GCSE Geography A and B and Edexcel GCE Geography

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