Geography Newsletter Autumn 2015 Get your students excited about geography with our extraordinary footage that shows the devastating effect of the 2013/2014 winter storms on the UK coast.   Ideal for all current and new GCSE and GCE units on coastal processes, flooding and management, as well as extreme weather...

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Pumpkin titles matched to draft 2016 Edexcel Geography GCSEs With the new draft GCSE geography specifications having now been released its been an interesting read to see where the key changes and challenges lie in terms of content.   Teaching the geography of the UK One of the key areas...

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Where can you you find resources that: support students as they prepare for controlled assessments and coursework on rivers, provide examples of how GIS and GPS are used in the real worlds and deliver video case studies designed to aid DME preparation? River Processes and Landforms” provides excellent references to...

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