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  • Product Design & Mass Manufacture: Design Optimization

    Explains the design process within one easy context, from client brief to finished product. It shows how designers; work to budget, meet consumer needs, research existing products and use primary...
  • Industrial Design and Testing: Designing for Innovation and Safety

    A fantastic way to bring real and relevant industrial design into the classroom illustrating some of the considerations designers have to take into account. Footage of physical and virtual tests,...
  • Textiles: Eco-Design

    As lead designers for Finisterre, Tom and Debbie are on a mission – to create the most eco-friendly surf-wear brand in the world. From their HQ in Cornwall to fabric...
  • Textiles: Environmental Impacts
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    Textiles: Environmental Impacts

    Filmed in Bangladesh and in the UK, this resource assesses the environmental impacts of the textile industry both here and abroad. It looks at how companies in the UK are...
  • Ethical Textiles

    Filmed in Bangladesh, one of the world's largest textile manufacturers, this resource explores the social cost of our cheap textiles. With footage filmed inside a number of Bangladeshi textile factories,...
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