With increased emphasis on getting students to carry out a local study, this resource is a good prompt. It encourages students to think about their methodology and how they might evaluate and study their own locality. It contains case study material for “sub-urbanised villages”, “managing rural environments”, “change in urban and rural environments”, “sustainable cities” and “sustainable futures”. It also ties in with SOWs looking at traffic and transport issues, as well as service and retail provision.

Produced with the Geographical Association and the Academy for Sustainable Communities. 

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“An excellent resource that has pace, excellent imagery and interviews. Consquently, the resource should have longevity in the classroom.” 

Justin Wooliscroft,
The Geographical Association


Fast moving, posing searching questions right at the start. Clear link between questions posed and the main focus of the DVD. I particularly liked the way in which the transport issues were discussed (A30 and air travel) – relevant to students in 2008 and beyond, so the DVD should have a good shelf life! Images well chosen, and are resources in their own right. Images could be shown to students without sound to engage interest.


A very effective and refreshingly different case study – not covered well elsewhere in AS/A level books and resources. Good mix of commentary, imagery and interviews. Innovative choice of interviewees - with ‘believable’ participants! Very thought provoking, with use of fresh and therefore relevant material.

Dearne Valley

Good contrast of interviewees, with whom the students should relate with ease. Real issues discussed in an accessible and interesting fashion. There is a clear and effective focus on the past, present and future – more so than in Cornwall section (is this deliberate?). This provides a good place-specific contrast.


An excellent choice of interviewees once again, who promote some contrasting views and conflicting opinions. These will prove exceptionally powerful, as they will encourage much discussion and debate within AS and A level students. There is a good range of age groups represented in the interviews, allowing the students the opportunity to recognise that different groups may have conflicting views about the some seemingly ‘small’ and ‘unimportant’, yet contentious issues. This should really engage 6th form students.


The Career Cameos offer a good choice of snappy interviews that work well as part of a longer sequence, or equally stand well in their own right.

The DVD is an excellent resource that has pace, excellent imagery and interviews that will prove relevant to the students. Consequently, the resource should have longevity in the classroom and prove to be an excellent springboard for 6th formers in promoting debate about what sustainable communities are.

Justin Woolliscroft, 
Review for Geographical Association, February 2008

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