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The 2012 Olympics and East London's Regeneration

Media: DVD
DUR: 40 mins
Product Code: AFG2
Price: £30.00
previously £30.00


This interactive pack explores to what extent the London 2012 Olympics will help regenerate London's East End. Students are given a mission and as journalists discover why cities bid to host mega sporting events and why London won. They investigate the challenges of staging the games, design a layout and compare it to the real Olympic Park designs. They then evaluate how the games will benefit the area socially, environmentally and economically.

Designed to be adapted for use with interactive whiteboards and PowerPoint presentations.


Endorsed for Edexcel Geography GCSE A and B  specifications (2016) and Edexcel GCE (2016) specification

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“Full of really useful material, especially video, and as it can be used across a range of key stages it represents good value.”

Bett Awards 2011

This DVD will be part of the core teaching on this topic. It helps to capture the essence of the place, in a way that will appeal to students. The flexibility is there once again, so that as a teacher you can dip in and out of the resource to meet your requirements in the classroom or show the DVD completely. The resource uses recent information and helps up date the geography DVD collection.

Rachel Atkins,
Head of Geography, Bristol Grammar School

The judges liked the way it uses a topical focal point – the Olympics – as a central cross- curricular theme. A large number of subjects are integrated, including business. It was appropriate to a variety of ability levels.

They liked the way that role-play was possible in a real event/in real time: to be involved as organiser, promoter, journalist, etc.

It was full of really useful material, especially video. As it could be used across the key stages, it was seen as good value.

They liked the way it promoted collaboration.

Bett Awards 2011, Judges Comments

Suggested exam board specification links

Edexcel GCE Area 2 Dynamic Places Topic 4 Shaping Places 4A.5, 4A.8, 4A.11
Edexcel GCSE A Component 2 Human Environment Topic 4 Changing Cities, Case Study 4.5, 8.2
Edexcel GCSE B Component 1 Global Geographical Issues Topic 5 Case study - Dynamic UK cities 5.4, 5.6
Edexcel iGCSE Section B People and their Environments 6 The Roles of Managers
OCR GCE Component 2 Content of Human interactions 2.1 Changing Spaces; Making Places How are places created through placemaking process? 2.1.5b, 2.1.5c

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