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Designing for the User: Inclusive Design for Graphics & Resistant Materials

Media: DVD
DUR: 32 mins
Product Code: USER
Price: £45.00

Learn how to create products that meet user need and are inclusive. Designers explain how they: research their market; consider the values and needs of their users and work with ergonomic and anthropometric data. The resource also explores how designers are responding to the challenges of demographic change and inclusive design. It provides examples relevant for resistant materials, product design and graphics courses.



Endorsed by Edexcel for use with their GCE in Design and Technology: Product Design

Recommended by AQA in their resources list for their GCSE and GCE D&T specifications




“Excellent examples of how designers research and understand their end users needs. This well help A2 students who are studying end users requirements during their Unit 4 Product Design coursework research."

Malcolm Cross,
Head of D&T, Peter Symonds School, the largest centre teaching AQA A level Product Design

Designing for the User: Inclusive Design shows very clearly the value of the investigation stage of product development and should help teachers to reinforce the idea that primary investigations and user trials have far more value than collecting images off websites or copying data from books.  The case study of designing a phone onto a banana is a lesson to us all about how to make this a fun and practical stage of the work. 

Brian Russell, Director for D&T, Dixons City Academy

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