Explains the design process within one easy context, from client brief to finished product. It shows how designers; work to budget, meet consumer needs, research existing products and use primary and secondary data. It explores the role of aesthetics and function, the importance of ergonomics and anthropometrics and the benefits of using CAD/CAM in testing, modelling and rapid prototyping to reduce cost, material and time.

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Endorsed by Edexcel for use with their GCE in Design and Technology: Product Design


Endorsed by OCR for use with their GCSE in Design and Technology: Product Design

Recommended by AQA in their resources list for their GCSE and GCE D&T specifications



"A great supporting resource that demonstrates how form and function can easily be achieved through an optimized design process. It explains in detail how, through the use of CAD/CAM, optimizing the development stage of the process can reduce cost, material and time"

Peter Simmons,
Head of Creative Design Faculty, John Cabot Academy

This is a complete product design course in a single resource. It should be an essential part of all product design courses both at GCSE and A Level. The in-depth case study is so incredibly detailed and so captivating as designers talk through the complete development of a new product.

Brian Russell,
Director for D&T, Dixons City Academy

One of the best DVDs on Design I have seen in years. It is really what we are about. At first when you hear it is about a peek flow meter, your heart sinks, but once you start watching you get pulled in and enthralled by the energy, excitement and cretivity the designers show, and of course this reminds all of us that it is not the project that matters, but what you do with it. You would have to plan how you would use this reource carefully and it would need to be spread out over a number of weeks to get the full value from the product. Every D&T department should have this, it is what the subject is all about and this product delivers on all fronts. It is detailed, informative and relevant, showing design in the real world, as well as firmly echoing what we do in schools.

Review by the Design and Technology Association

If you have ever struggled to explain the whole design process within one easy context then this is the DVD for you. From the client’s brief to the finished product this beautifully filmed DVD gives a clear insight into each stage of the process. Designers talk about how they deal with the conflicting demands of working to a budget, meeting consumer needs, identifying weaknesses in existing products and working with other development teams in the production of an award winning product.

With the focus on the design and development of an electronic product (a peak flow meter) this DVD will appeal to students studying any of the Resistant Materials based courses within Design and Technology.

We see why primary research plays such a vital part of the process and how client feedback is essential in the design ideas stage. The programme also explains how CAD/CAM is such an important feature of any modern designer’s role and how it is used to minimise mistakes prior to the product going into production. It provides a relevant and modern example of the industrial designer’s role in society and along with the teaching resources on the disc will be a valuable resource for any Design and Technology department.

This is a really useful DVD which illustrates the whole design process perfectly. When used in conjunction with the assessment criteria for GCSE and A Level Resistant Materials, Electronics and Product Design my students have found this an extremely valuable resource: putting into context everything I had been saying. Seeing designers discussing ideas and working together as a team has prompted much more of this type of activity within my lessons.

Paul Wilson,
Head of Design and Technology, Gordano School

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