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Product Design, Testing and Modification: Trunki

Media: DVD
DUR: 25 mins
Product Code: Trunki
Price: £40.00

Designing products that meet rigorous safety standards is an increasingly important skill – especially when it comes to products used by children. Trunki, the child’s pull along suitcase, may have failed the BBC Dragon’s Den test, but thanks to further testing and modification it’s now taking the world by storm. We film with the product designer and at one of the world’s leading test centres, to find out about the different tests carried out on children’s products, why calibrating equipment is so important and how clever design reduced costs and time to market. Includes footage of rotational and injection moulding and mechanical and physical tests


Endorsed by Edexcel for use with their GCE in Design and Technology: Product Design
Recommended by AQA in their resources list for their GCSE and GCE D&T specifications


"A really good product"

The Design and Technology Association

This is my favourite resource as it deals with so much of the Product Design Specification such as human factors, safety, quality, design in practice etc. It is fantastic to see continuous improvement explained in such a clear manner and with a product that is so simple to understand.

Brian Russell,
Director of D&T, Dixons City Academy

This is another in the very useful series of DVD’s produced by Pumpkin TV to support the teaching and learning in Design and Technology. The focus of the DVD as the title suggests has a focus on Testing and Modification, this can be a very difficult topic to teach in school. The topic, “Trunki” luggage is a product aimed at three year old children and is a very good case study of Product Design. This resource has three very important sections, Concept and Approach, Materials and Modifications and Standards Testing.

Chapter one explores plastic processing as a production process with very good video images and comparisons between two different approaches. In addition it looks at first hand research by consulting with very young children. Chapter two is brilliant on developing a chosen design idea with effective analysis of teething troubles and improved solutions. Chapter three is all about testing to ensure that the product meets all the statutory tests that need to be met for a three year old child.

This is a fantastic resource for key stage four and five and very effectively deals with important and difficult design issues as well as the appropriate use of plastic materials. This would be a very cost effective addition to the collection of teaching resources.

Clive Wood,
Inspector/Advisor: Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and former president of the NAAIDT

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