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Smart Graphic Products

Media: DVD
DUR: 30 mins
Product Code: Graphic
Price: £49.00

This DVD examines the properties, characteristics and applications of some of the smart materials used in the graphics industry. Case studies include labels and packaging that use thermochromic inks, emergency and safety signage that incorporate phosphorescent and fluorescent paints and inks, and photochromic dyes that are used for anti-counterfeiting measures and reactive glasses.



Endorsed by OCR for use with their GCSE Design and Technology: Graphics specification


"I thought the DVD was brilliant.”

Mike Nowell,
Chief Examiner/Principal Moderator, AQA, GCSE: D&T: Graphic Products

As new technologies and materials allow us to develop and create new products, this DVD explores some of the ways in which smart material are at the forefront of innovation. Accompanied by a range of stimulating resources which help students create their own ideas for products, the case studies are clear, concise and well detailed. From the chemistry behind the materials right through to creating the end product we are shown how smart inks, pigments and dyes are changing the face of the graphics industry.

Case studies of photochromic lenses, food packaging and safety signs are all used to illustrate the wide variety of applications for these smart materials.

Produced in short sections which make it easier for lesson planning this is an ideal DVD for both Product Design and Graphics students.

Another great DVD, Sure to get used in my teaching next year.

Paul Wilson,
Head of D&T, Gordano School

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