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Testing Textiles

Media: DVD
DUR: 33 mins
Product Code: TESTEX
Price: £40.00

This resource looks at the different tests fabrics and products have to undergo before they hit the shelves. Using examples from high street retailer, New Look and outdoor specialists, Millets and Blacks, it shows industrial textiles testing laboratories and includes footage and clear explanations of tests for flammability, abrasion and pilling, tear and tensile strength, burst and drape testing, as well as tests for care labelling, eg shrinkage and colour fastness. The programme also includes tests for high performance wear, including tests for insulation, breathability, wickability, wind and waterproofness.



Endorsed by Edexcel for use with their GCSE in Design and Technology: Textiles Technology

Recommended by AQA in their resources list for both their GCSE and GCE D&T Textiles specifications



“This resource provides the underpinning knowledge and understanding to address key issues, as well as providing concise information to support you in the classroom”

Just4Textiles, Issue 9

Testing Textiles is a diverse subject and this resource covers all the key tests that can be applied to textile products. The tests are explained via interviews with industrial specialists The DVD also explains the key terms associated with testing textiles. The various aspects of the textile industry used to explore testing ensures that students become familiar with the processes and understand testing in a wider context, and its potential application in the classroom.

The addition of the video script provides the teacher with the information about the processes, which helps in setting questions, although you do not need to do so, as you can use the student worksheets that are provided for each section. The useful websites list, together with the worksheets, provides the teacher with sufficient resources.

If you are an NQT, new to teaching, or a returnee to teaching textiles and fashion then this resource, provides the underpinning knowledge and understanding to address key issues, as well as providing concise information to support you in the classroom.

Review in Just4Textiles, 2005

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