As lead designers for Finisterre, Tom and Debbie are on a mission – to create the most eco-friendly surf-wear brand in the world. From their HQ in Cornwall to fabric suppliers in Japan and manufacturers in Portugal, we follow the pair as they explain how they reduce the environmental and ethical impact of their clothes by considering the use of materials and energy throughout their design, manufacture, transportation and use. We see how they; source and develop eco-friendly technical materials - from recycled polyester to organic wool and cotton, we follow Tom on a series of environmental factory audits in Portugal and we find out how Finisterre work with customers to reduce the carbon footprint of products throughout their life-cycle.

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Endorsed by Edexcel for use with their GCSE in Design and Technology: Textiles Technology

Endorsed by OCR for use with their GCSE in Design and Technology: Textiles Technology

Recommended by AQA in their resources list for both their GCSE and GCE D&T Textiles specifications


"Textiles: Eco-Design is brilliant. I use the entire set of Pumpkin Textile DVDs from Year 9 where we dip in and out, to all the examination groups I teach. I find the activities and the full scripts are a really good tool to assist learning and have developed some detailed revision tasks around them."

Jane Dalley,
Head of Textiles, The Redmaids' School, Bristol

"This DVD covers the following areas: choosing raw materials; dyes; dyeing and finishing; and life cycle design. The chapters vary in length and so the DVD can be viewed in bite-sized pieces.  It uses modern companies, such as Finisterre, to showcase how the experience of the designer changes as a product is developed.  

It highlights the relationship between designers, product development and consumer feedback and looks at what consumers demand of their products.

It also stresses the importance of a designer's need to clearly understand the design and production process, in order to create a great product that is fit for purpose.

Since the DVD uses real companies, teachers can go on to access other sources of information, for further development and research.  The role of CAD is explored as part of the design and development process.

There are discussions about the relationship between consumer choice and design and finish.

The DVD goes through the decisions that need to be made right at the beginning of the design process and how these fit in with the notion of life cycle design.

The footage allows both the teacher and student to question a range of issues related to eco-design and how these two subjects fit together.

The DVD has a range of activities in Word and PDF format, which are easily adaptable.

A worthwhile resource for the classroom, that goes some way to exploring the real issues a company faces when it tries to develop "sustainable" collections in what is still, in the wider context, a small area of the larger fashion cycle.  It has wider application not  only in the textiles domain, but also for courses in product development.

Just 4 Textiles, Issue 28, Autumn 2012 

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GCSE D&T Textiles

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