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Tropical Storms: Bangladesh's Cyclone Aila

Media: DVD
DUR: 33 mins
Product Code: CYCLONE
Price: £45.00

With extraordinary footage shot during and after Bangladesh's most recent cyclone, this resource looks at the causes, impacts and management of tropical storms in an LEDC. It provides clear explanations of the physical causes of cyclones and the social, economic and environmental impacts are told through first hand accounts of those affected. It then provides examples of management strategies to reduce both the short and long term impacts of cyclones through better monitoring, prediction, disaster relief and poverty alleviation schemes.



Endorsed for Edexcel Geography GCSE A and B  specifications (2016)and Edexcel Geography GCE (2016)

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This material is recommended by Cambridge International Examinations to support the Cambridge AS and A level Geography syllabus


“Highly engaging and relevant for GCSE and GCE level. Very accessible material with up to date case studies which focus well on the role of NGOs in providing sustainable long term solutions.”

Janet Neil,
Head of Geography, Redland High School

The two new DVDs, Flooding in Bangladesh and Tropical Storms: Cyclone Alia are excellent, relevant and topical. The teaching resources mean teachers do not have to spend time developing their own material. I particularly liked the flooding one because I can visualise how I would use the footage and the teaching materials with different age groups.

I wish there had been packages of this high quality available when I was teaching. Bob Digby is a well-respected geographer with a track record for innovation and so his support material goes down well. The inclusion of word versions of the student activities are much appreciated, as teachers say they are able to edit these to customise the material to make it more suitable for their teaching groups.

Terri Collins,
former principal examiner and former Head of Geography, Finham Park School

Suggested exam board specification links

AQA GCSE Unit 3.1 Living with the physical environment 3.1.1 The challenge of natural hazards Weather hazards
Edexcel GCE Area 1 Dynamic Landscapes Topic 2 Landscape Systems, Processes and Change Coastal Landscapes and Change 2B.9
Edexcel GCE Area 3 Physical Systems and Sustainability Topic 5 The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity 5.5
Edexcel GCSE A Component 1 The Physical Environment Topic 2 Weather Hazards and climate change 2.5, 2.6
Edexcel GCSE B Component 1 Global Geographical Issues Topic 1 Hazardous Earth 1.4, 1.5, 1.6
Edexcel iGCSE Section A The Natural Environment 3 Hazardous Environments
OCR GCSE A Component 2 Content of the World Around Us 2.3 Environmental Threats to our Planet 2.3.5
OCR GCSE B Component 1 Content of Our Natural World 1.1 Global Hazards How can weather be hazardous? 1.1.b

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