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Industrial Design and Testing: Designing for Innovation and Safety

Media: DVD
DUR: 25 mins
Product Code: VOIS
Price: £40.00

A fantastic way to bring real and relevant industrial design into the classroom illustrating some of the considerations designers have to take into account. Footage of physical and virtual tests, filmed at Volvo’s crash testing facility, will provide an excellent starting point for students when testing, evaluating and modifying their own designs. It also reinforces how engineers work collaboratively with designers to ensure that new technologies are harnessed with aesthetics.



Recommended by AQA in their resources list for their GCSE and GCE D&T specifications




“This resource demonstrates how safety and design works hand in hand to develop products that have functional and aesthetic requirements. It reinforces how engineers work collaboratively with designers to ensure that new Technologies are harnessed with aesthetics. A valuable resource that brings industry even closer to the classroom. "

Peter Simmons,
Head of Creative Design Faculty, John Cabot Academy, AST D&T South Gloucestershire

"Excellent and highly informative content with some exciting and engaging graphics"

The Design and Technology Association

Volvo Cars: Designing for Innovation & Safety covers all aspects of designing to improve safety and gives a real insight into the amount of effort which car designers put into this. It is ideal for so much of the Product Design Specification such as human factors, safety, quality, design in practice etc. and provides lots of concrete

Brian Russell,
Director for D&T, Dixons City Academy

Volvo, the world leader in putting safety at the heart of their vehicle designs provides us with a comprehensive insight into safety developments. Starting with the latest developments in Active Safety Systems, this DVD takes us on a journey of responding to technology push and market pull, of complying with legal requirements and of keeping the market leading brand at the forefront of the industry. We see how data and analysis collected from road traffic accidents is used to inform design decisions when developing new models and there is some excellent footage of the rigorous testing procedures which Volvo’s products are put through. We see how Volvo’s commitment to pedestrian safety is a key component of their latest developments in Active Safety Systems.

Every attempt is made to anticipate accidents and scenarios in this informative DVD, food for thought for GCSE and A level students evaluating and testing their own products. The importance of complying with regulations and safety standards is referred to throughout and gives clear massages to students who are aiming to become designers of the future. This is another fine example of how to bring real and relevant industrial design into the classroom.

This is a well filmed DVD with excellent sound quality, unlike some of the DVDs we have recently purchased. I found this particularly useful with my A level Product Design students since it opened their eyes to some of the considerations designers have to take into account. The testing sequences also served as an excellent starting point for them in testing, evaluating and modifying their designs when approaching the end of their project.

Paul Wilson,
Head of Design and Technology, Gordano School

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