Bangladesh KS3

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  • Issues in Globalisation: How Fair is Fashion?

    Using the international fashion industry as a case study this resource asks: what is globalisation, what are the causes, and what is the role played by TNCs? It then looks...
  • Flooding in Bangladesh: Causes, Impacts and Management

    Tailor-made to fit UK specifications, this resource is filmed in Bangladesh and emphasises contemporary thinking about hazard events. The personal accounts of those living on Bangladesh's char lands help explain...
  • Issues in Globalisation: Environmental Impacts & Sustainability

    Can economic growth be environmentally sustainable? Residents of Dhaka's slums show how extreme industrial pollution is destroying their environment and health. Next we talk to Bangladesh's environmental activists, factory owners...
  • Biodiversity Under Threat

    Resource bank of video clips, interactive maps, student activities and teachers' notes. Bangladesh's Sundarban Mangroves is one of the world's most bio-diverse areas and home to the endangered Bengal Tiger....
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