IB Changing Populations

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  • Urbanisation in Megacities: Mumbai

    Using Mumbai as a case study this title explores the reasons for rapid urbanisation in LICs/NEEs and the emergence of megacities. It looks at the location and importance of Mumbai,...
  • Population Change: Migration to the UK

    This resource looks at the causes, impacts and management of the UK's current period of rapid immigration. The resource is designed to encourage students to think about migrants' different countries...
  • Ageing Populations

    This excellent resource examines the current issues surrounding an ageing population in the UK, using East Devon as a case study.  It illustrates the causes, impacts and management of the...
  • Managing Youthful Populations: An African Case Study

    A fantastic resource that covers all the issues and implications associated with managing a youthful and growing population. The Gambia, with one of the most youthful populations in the world,...
  • Rural Challenges: Inequalities and Development

    This resource looks at the causes of inequalities in rural India, including; the role of land ownership, subsistence farming, the caste system, climate, globalisation, lack of access to services and...
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