Climate Change GCSE

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  • Tropical Rainforests: Threats and Challenges

    Follow our indigenous environmental campaigner as he introduces you to his rainforest world and explores the threats facing it. This title considers the value of rainforests, both locally and globally...
  • Tropical Rainforests: Sustainable Management

    Ecuador needs to exploit the Amazon's resources to develop.  Leaving it untouched is not an option.  This programme looks at the challenges of achieving sustainable management in the Amazon.  It...
  • Climate Change

    Use this resource to encourage students to judge whether or not climate change will impact upon people differently around the world. The impacts of climate change can be quite hard...
  • The Greening of Energy

    Although renewable energies are seen as "clean and green", their development can often be cause for conflict. Some forms of renewable energy are also limited by weather and climate. Examine...
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