Mumbai Megacity

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  • Urbanisation in Megacities: Mumbai

    Using Mumbai as a case study this title explores the reasons for rapid urbanisation in LICs/NEEs and the emergence of megacities. It looks at the location and importance of Mumbai,...
  • Mumbai's Redevelopment Challenge: Bottom up or top down?

    The challenge for Mumbai's planners is to improve the conditions for the urban poor while at the same time making sure social communities in the slums are protected. This programme...
  • Inside Dharavi: Life in India's largest informal settlement

    Travel inside India’s biggest informal settlement and see what it’s really like to live and work there. This film explores the economic opportunities offered by Dharavi’s 10,000 different industries, the...
  • Mumbai: Managing a Megacity

    Waste management and traffic congestion are two of the biggest environmental issues facing Mumbai. This title looks at the challenges facing Mumbai's urban planners as they struggle to manage this...
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