Critical Vision: making images and videos more effective


This 90 minute online (Zoom) session explores the vital role images and videos can play in deepening students’ understanding and helping them retain information, and how by taking a critical approach to the selection and use of image based resources in the Geography classroom, we can enhance learning outcomes and grades.

Research tells us that whether they’re creating memorable narratives, challenging preconceptions or providing visual explanations of written concepts – videos and images are at their most effective as learning tools when they create interactions with and between students and students and their teachers. From this evidence based starting point we’ll be tearing up the visual wallpaper, taking a more critical approach and looking at a range of strategies and techniques that can make images we use in the classroom more interactive – improving learning outcomes and encouraging critical thinking amongst our students.  


Key learning aims

To think critically about images used in the classroom

To better understand a range of techniques and strategies for improving the effectiveness of image/video selection and use.


Expected impact on teachers

Increased confidence in selection and use of images/videos in the classroom.

Increased understanding of selection and use of images/videos to improve learning outcomes.


Expected impact on students

Increased engagement

Improved learning outcomes

More critical thinking

Higher grades!


Session Presenters

Grant Davies - I’ve been producing video and image based resources for Geography teachers for over 25 years. As well as creating BETT and GA award winning materials for Pumpkin Interactive, I’ve worked with subject bodies, broadcasters, publishers and exam boards including: Cambridge University Press, The Geographical Association, Ministry of Education Singapore, ABC, Channel 4 and Discovery.

Throughout my career I’ve focussed on making sure my resources keep up to date with the latest subject thinking and classroom practice. I am a qualified Geography teacher, former senior lecturer in documentary and digital media and have a masters in Visual Anthropology. 

Dr. Ian Frampton - I’m a neuropsychologist and researcher. After completing my training in Clinical Psychology at Exeter University I was appointed to the post-doctoral Fellowship in Developmental Neuropsychology at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience. I’ve been studying how students learn and remember, especially when they are dealing with additional learning challenges, for more than 25 years.


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