Streaming/Embed Licence Terms and Conditions

Geography Streaming Library Subscriptions run from 1st Sept to 31st August each year. 

During this period, the Geography streaming library clips are licensed for educational use by a single institution.

This licence allows staff members to download and adapt the supporting resources and use the streaming links and embed codes for the clips in documents, presentations and VLEs for access by their institution's staff and students on or off site.

The links/embed codes must not be used in a way that they can be seen by or shared with individuals who are not students or staff members at the licensing institution.

Whilst we will do our best to make sure that clips are available 24/7 the streaming and embed service is provided by Vimeo and Pumpkin Interactive will not be liable to any interruptions or downtime. 

If you require further information please call: + (44) (0) 1179 240250

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