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Climate Change

Media: DVD
DUR: 35 mins
Product Code: CLIM
Price: £49.00

Use this resource to encourage students to judge whether or not climate change will impact upon people differently around the world. The impacts of climate change can be quite hard to see in the UK, but as our fantastic footage from the Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Africa, the Alps, Bangladesh, India and China shows, it’s all too much of a reality for the poorest and most vulnerable. The DVD also provides clear explanations of the processes that can cause climate change and gets students engaged in the debate about the extent to which these are caused naturally or are the result of human activity. 



Endorsed for Edexcel Geography GCSE A and B  specifications (2016) and Edexcel Geography (2016) GCE specification

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"This links closely to the Weather Hazards component of the AQA geography specification. The locational footage and range of examples covered are impressive. As the video content is split into short 3-5 minute chapters and accompanied by background material and student activities, it is a very flexible resource."

G. Daw,
Head of Humanities, Worcester Sixth Form College

As a user of previous Pumpkin DVDs I was interested to see how this new crop of Pumpkin Interactive films would compare. Production values are high and the film has been well received by students. The addition of ice and climate change into the 2014 national curriculum for key stage 3 may provoke additional interest in this DVD for those who are unfamiliar with these topics.

This film supports students in a decision on how climate change will affect people. It uses authoritative voices in its five chapters and the lesson activities shape a debate about the possible impacts of climate change which would be a valuable activity for all students to participate in.

As with all Pumpkin products, extensive notes and student activities are provided. These are provided in PDF and Word format, so can be edited and repurposed for school use.

Alan Parkinson,
Review in Teaching Geography, Winter 2014, King's Ely School

Suggested exam board specification links

AQA GCSE Unit 3.1 Living with the physical environment 3.1.1 The challenge of natural hazards Climate change
Edexcel GCE Area 3 Physical Systems and Sustainability Topic 5 The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity 5.6
Edexcel GCSE A Component 1 The Physical Environment Topic 2 Weather Hazards and climate change 2.1, 2.2, 2.4
Edexcel GCSE B Component 1 Global Geographical Issues Topic 1 Hazardous Earth 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
OCR GCE Component 3 Geographical Debates 3.1 Climate Change 3.1
OCR GCSE A Component 2 Content of the World Around Us 2.3 Environmental Threats to our Planet 2.3.2, 2.3.3
OCR GCSE B Component 1 Content of Our Natural World 2.1 Changing Climate What evidence is there to suggest that climate change is a natural process? 2.1.b, 2.1.c

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