Why do novice surfers prefer constructive waves?  What happens when you take away a village's natural sea defences?  Filmed along the dorset coastline, this resource provides up-to-date explanations and examples of the processes and landforms that shape coastal environments, bringing the subject alive through interviews with surfers, coastal surveyors and environmentalists.  The programme uses a systems approach and explores the role of littoral cells and sediment movement.  Illustrated landforms include: Lulworth Cove, Old Harry, Studland Bay, Sandbanks, Slapton Ley, Hallsands and Portland Bill.


  • 1. The power of the sea (The tale of Hallsands) 2'58"
  • 2. What causes waves? 3'41"
  • 3. Constructive and destructive waves 3'43"
  • 4. Erosion processes 3'18"
  • 5. The Jurassic Coast 6'30"
  • 6. Deposition - landforms, processes and management 5'09"
  • 7. Sand dune formation and migration 2'31"
  • 8. Littoral cells 3'50"

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 Endorsed for Edexcel Geography GCSE A and B (2016), Edexcel GCE (2016) specifications and for the Edexcel Geography iGCSE specification

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Suggested exam board specification links

AQA GCSE Unit 3.1 Living with the physical environment 3.1.3 Physical landscapes in the UK Coastal landscapes in the UK
AQA iGCSE Unit 1 Dynamic Physical World Coastal processes and pressures
Cambridge iGCSE Theme 2 The natural environment 2.3 Coasts
Edexcel GCE Area 1 Dynamic Landscapes Topic 2 Landscape Systems, Processes and Change Coastal Landscapes and Change 2B.2, 2B.3, 2B.4, 2B.5, 2B.6, 2B.12
Edexcel GCSE A Component 1 The Physical Environment Topic 1 Coastal landscapes and processes 1.3, 1.4, 1.5
Edexcel GCSE B Component 2 UK Geographical Issues Topic 4 Coastal change and conflict 4.3
Edexcel iGCSE Section A The Natural Environment 2 Coastal Environments
OCR GCE Component 1 Physical Systems 1.1.1 Landscape Systems Coastal Landscapes,,
OCR GCSE A Component 1 Living in the UK Today 1.1 Landscapes of the UK 1.1.4
OCR GCSE B Component 1 Content of Our Natural World 3.2 Distinctive Landscapes What influences the landscapes of the UK? 3.2.a

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