By using material filmed by the Pumpkin team around the world, this resource brings ecosystems to life. Examples include the Canadian Tundra, tropical rainforests in the Amazon and Borneo and savannah and desert environments in Sub-Saharan Africa. After exploring the four key characteristics common to all ecosystems, the programme explains how latitude, precipitation, altitude and proximity to the coast combine to influence the distribution of biomes. The final section examines the different physical and human challenges and how they impact on an ecosystem's dynamic equilibrium. The video clips are accompanied by 16 pages of notes and student activities by Bob Digby. This resource is targeted at KS4 but can also be used at KS3 and 5.
Dur: 27'30"

Video Sections

1. Characteristics of ecosystems 6'30"
2. Factors affecting the distribution of biomes 10'46"
3. Challenges to ecosystems 10'12"

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