Can economic growth be environmentally sustainable? Residents of Dhaka's slums show how extreme industrial pollution is destroying their environment and health. Next we talk to Bangladesh's environmental activists, factory owners and government officials and ask what needs to be done to make industrial growth sustainable? We then see how a company sited in a UK National Park, is facing the same challenges, but is reducing their carbon footprint and saving money by reducing pollution, waste and energy consumption.



Endorsed by Edexcel for use with their GCE Geography (2016) specification

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“This is an excellent resource to show two contrasting industries and their environmental impacts.”

John Belfield, 
Former Head of Geography

Sustainability is an easy idea to imagine, but is much harder to put into practice, given the environmental impact of most of our activities. This programme revisits the slums of Dhaka to explore aspects of environmental pollution. These sequences will remind students of the reality of life for young people in some parts of the world and be useful for them to connect the decision they make here in the UK with the impact on other young people's lives in Bangladesh.

The chapters work nicely as they give a structure to the discussions. The useful selection of resources, written by experienced author Bob Digby, completes the package.

I think this resource would be best for GCSE and there are some suitable A level themes too, particularly the link with Globalisation and the work of TNCs.

Alan Parkinson,
secondary curriculum development leader, Geographical Association

Suggested exam board specification links

AQA iGCSE Unit 2 Global Human Issues Globalisation in the Contemporary World
Cambridge iGCSE Theme 3 Ecpnomic development 3.7 Environmental risks of economic development
Edexcel GCE Area 2 Dynamic Places Topic 3 Globalisation 3.4
Edexcel iGCSE Section A The Natural Environment 1 River Environments
Edexcel iGCSE Section A The Natural Environment 1 River Environments
Edexcel iGCSE Section D Global Issues 7 Fragile Environments

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